Four standards to evaluate the quality of Injection mold.

How Precision mold manufacturing company to evaluate the quality of injection mold in general? Generally we evaluate from the following four standards:

The first thing we need to pay attention to is that the steel of the injection mold must be tempered by high temperature, because the temperature is very high in the process of injection molding. After the high temperature treatment of the steel, even if the injection molding is in a high temperature environment, it will not affect the size, nor will it affect the precision of the whole set of precision mold.
Secondly, the plastic material needed for injection molding production will also cause corrosion on the surface of the mold, which will also affect the overall precision of the injection mold, so corrosion resistant steel material should be selected at the same time.

In addition, Due to plastic products have high requirements on the appearance of gloss, the injection molding production also requires the corresponding injection mold cavity surface can not be too rough, so that the processed plastic products can be more in line with the standard. Post-processing processing of precision mold manufacturing also needs to be done well, such as grinding or polishing the surface of the mold cavity.
Precision mold manufacturing company should consider the use of wear-resistant steel in the early stage of mold design, because in the process of injection molding production, plastic raw materials are flowing at high speed in the mold cavity, there will be a lot of friction. In order to ensure the quality of large quantities of injection parts production is stable, wear-resistant steel must be selected.