What kind of maintenance should be done for injection mold in the ordinary and use process?

What kind of maintenance should be done for injection mold in the ordinary and use process?

1. Mold maintenance before production

(1) Clean up the oil stain and rust on the surface of the mold and check whether there are foreign matters in the cooling water hole of the mold and whether there are blocked waterways.

(2) It is necessary to check whether the arc in the rubber mouth sleeve of the mold is damaged, whether there is any residual foreign matter, whether there is any abnormality in the moving parts, and whether the action is smooth.

2. Mold maintenance during production

(1) Check all guide posts and guide sleeves of the mold every day for damage, including mold guide posts Parts such as row seats shall be oiled and maintained regularly, and they shall be maintained twice a day on and off duty.

(2) Clean the foreign matter rubber wire, foreign matter, oil, etc. of the mold parting surface and exhaust groove, and check whether the thimble of the mold is abnormal and oil regularly The parting surface and runner surface shall be cleaned twice a day. The guide pin, bushing and position determine the oil supply of the pin once a day.

(3) Regularly check whether the waterway of the mold is smooth, and tighten all fastening screws. (4) Check whether the limit switch of the die is abnormal and whether the inclined pin and inclined lifter are abnormal.

3. Focus on tracking and testing several important parts of the mold: the function of ejecting and guiding parts that ensure the mold’s opening and closing movement and the plastic parts’ ejecting. With the continuous production time, the cooling channel is easy to deposit scale, rust, sludge, and algae, which makes the section of the cooling channel smaller and the cooling channel narrower, greatly reducing the heat exchange rate between the coolant and the mold, and increasing the production cost of the enterprise. Therefore, attention should be paid to cleaning the channel;

4. Maintenance of shutdown mold; Before the shutdown, the cooling water circuit must be closed first, the residual water of the water circuit in the mold shall be blown out, and the surface of the mold shall be checked to see if there are residual rubber wires, foreign matters, etc. After cleaning up, the rust inhibitor shall be sprayed evenly, and the relevant records shall be filled in accurately. After the mold completes the production task, the residual injection molding should be carefully removed by different methods according to different injection molding.